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Scan2Go Ep 30: Magic! Witchcraft! Major Melee!

Anyone watch RWBY? It would be pretty cool to see something like a transforming melee weapon. Mostly cosmetic, but really crazy. Maybe a set of gauntlets that fire boltor bolts to complete a combo. Compare it to the classic feeling of playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards as both child and adults. Yes, yes it is.

Wow, the magic artworks lost a lot of their magic, seemed to be much better when I was playing.

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Thats was like 5 years ago, lol. I also used to have cards from the sets, they were at least still looking like hand-drawn. Played both, Yu-Gi-Oh as little kid, Magic later, both are fun, its a matter of taste. I liked Magic more though, sometimes I spent hours just looking at the awesome artworks and reading the text below the cards.

I liked Magic more though, sometimes I spent hours jsut looking at the awesome artworks and reading the text below the cards. You get the hang of the basics of Magic pretty easily. It's just strategies and working synergies between different cards that makes Magic hard, but doing that also makes you better. Its basically the X-series of trading card games, once you get behind all the stuff it gets incredibly fun, there are just so many combos and ways to play.

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Fan Concepts Search In. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Recommended Posts. Posted January 7, That Chain Thing in the art for these two.

Or maybe something like this?